8 strategies to excel at B2B E-commerce

Published by Renuka Gadge
8 strategies to excel at B2B E-commerce

There are many sorts of e-commerce businesses, but the foremost is business to business (B2B) e-commerce. This type of transaction occurs when both parties are involved in the business. Not all consumers are familiar with this type of e-commerce, though, since most of their personal transactions would be restricted to business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce.

What is B2B?

B2B e-Commerce is short for business-to-business e-Commerce, which is defined as the buying/selling of goods or services between businesses. This, connected with the growing expectation of consumer-level customized shopping experiences, has transformed the B2B landscape.

What is B2B E-commerce?

B2B E-commerce is a web model that refers to business transactions between two businesses.

E-Commerce direction tends to revolve around the customer experience, convenience and self-service. However, as technology gets smarter and more refined, it will play an increasingly bigger role in business-to-business commerce.

Here are some techniques which may help you to excel at B2B E-commerce.

1. Invest in B2B Content Marketing Efforts:- Content is the backbone of the internet. No matter if one is discussing writing product descriptions that sell or driving revenue with content, a superb copy is (in part) what earns a retailer visibility, motivates clicks, educates visitors and inspires consumers to convert. When it comes to B2B organizations, content is possibly even more demanding than in the B2C sector as B2B buyers consume an average of 13 pieces of content before deciding on a vendor.

2. Feature Reviews and Testimonials:-

The impact of reviews and testimonials should never be underrated. A brand’s reputation depends upon what past and current customers have to say about a business. Given that shoppers cannot hold, touch, feel a product when browsing options online, they are dependent on what a business offers and what its customers have to say, with the latter being weighted more heavily. As far as B2B eCommerce marketing strategies are concerned, product reviews and testimonials are touchy. B2B buyers want decent suppliers that provide quality products, timely shipping, quick reordering options and stellar customer support. Therefore, it's necessary for B2B retailers to encourage customers to share their positive experiences with the business. Even if some shoppers end up leaving less than average reviews, understanding how to handle negative reviews is a critical skill for sellers to possess. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to optimize services, improve product offerings, improve the site’s UX or fix it regardless of the complaint described. To obtain and compile customer reviews and testimonials, it is essential that merchants Follow up with buyers via email to see if they will write an honest product review or assessment of their overall experience. Proactively answer customer reviews thanking them or getting to resolve any issues they experienced. 

3. Optimize the User Experience:-

Conversion rate optimization may be a critical B2B eCommerce marketing strategy for increased sales. To increase sales in a long-term way, merchants should consider integrating some eCommerce marketing tools which will help reach revenue targets. Using such tools, merchants can create heat maps, recording user sessions, and engaging in other vital tasks that will enable retailers to determine where users are dropping off. 

4. Separate Test Experiences:-

Continuing on the conversion rate optimization thread for a moment, split testing is an essential component to boost sales. Split testing enables B2B sellers to definitively determine which iteration of the site or page alterations perform better with consumers. When it comes to B2B eCommerce divide testing, retailers can test everything from different product page layouts to website navigation flows, filtering options, checkout steps and everything in between. Moreover, within each of those categories, retailers should test different elements like messaging, CTAs, images, offers and therefore the like.

5. Focus on Benefits:-

One of the solutions to writing product descriptions that sell is to focus on the benefits that the end-user receives. Too regularly, merchants will simply list the features of their product without disclosing out how buyers benefit from these elements.

6. Leverage a Loyalty Program:-

Developing a customer loyalty program is one of the more impressive B2B eCommerce marketing strategies as B2B consumers are often asking for long-term partnerships. 

7. Build a Buyer-Focused FAQ:- B2B buyers are far more discerning than their B2C counterparts. Naturally, they turn to have far more questions about specific products. Because of this, it is essential to maintain an in-depth FAQ section that addresses many of the most common questions that come from consumers.

8. Create an Auto-Replenish System:-

Much like ordering items in bulk, B2B buyers often need to place the same order again and again at regular intervals. For this reason, retailers should consider achieving an auto-replenish system that offers shoppers deliveries at set intervals.

Why You Should Shift Your Food Business Online?

Published by Rutvik Hiwarkar
Why You Should Shift Your Food Business Online?

Food is a basic necessity of life. No living being can survive without food. Be it a moment of sorrow or happiness, food is a must.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shuffled the way we consume our food. Right from the key ingredients, prepared food, groceries, everything is available online. The demand for online delivery of food has risen to record levels during the pandemic.

With rising demands for online food, restaurants are looking to start online delivery of their food products. To survive these tough times, every restaurant should consider alternatives to dine-in. 

We shall study why offline restaurants should shift to online delivery in this blog.

Food Online Ordering System- Need of the Hour

We all know that the pandemic has given a tremendous boost to the online delivery demand of food products. If you’re a restaurant owner, and you want to stay up with the trend, you must consider employing a food online ordering system for your food business. Following the covid-19 pandemic, as there are lockdowns implemented in the cities around the world people are preferring to order their food online instead of going to restaurants to dine in. This has forced offline food businesses to start online delivery of their food products.

If you are a food business, the food online ordering system has many benefits for your business. You no longer have to maintain a physical space to entertain your guests. You only have to put all your efforts into the thing you are known for the most that is food. Rest everything is taken care of by this food online ordering system.

Arena Softwares can develop a resilient and scalable online food ordering system customised as per your business and requirement. Contact us now for more information.

Latest Trends In Food Industry

The year 2021 has brought many challenges in front of the food industry. As the covid-19 pandemic has hit every nation of this world hard, new online trends like online food ordering system have emerged. People are preferring to order their food online rather than going to the restaurant for dining in. This has brought a paradigm shift in the food and hospitality industry.

Various food ordering platforms have scaled their turnovers to billions. This trend has generated employment for many people. It is safe, secure and economically viable. Online food ordering companies are experiencing a rise in their Investments and fundraising.

Experts have predicted that this trend of online food ordering system is going to last for a long while. As more and more people are ordering food online they are getting comfortable with the technology and the ease which has come together with it.

Ordering App For Restaurants- An Overview

Many companies develop ordering apps for restaurants. Arena Softwares is one such company that develops a highly scalable online food ordering system for restaurants. The online food ordering system developed by Arena Softwares comes with a location-based restaurant display system. Each restaurant can have its own website, point of sale, vendors and suppliers in the marketplace.

Ordering app for restaurants build by Arena Softwares is highly customisable as per your and your business’s needs. The mobile application works on Android as well as on iOS. The restaurant owner will also get a website from which their customers can directly order.

Food Delivery App Development

The restaurant online ordering system developed by Arena Softwares provides the most advanced product in the market which caters to online customers, walk-in customers, dine-in customers and marketplace customers in a single dashboard. Arena Softwares offers multiple additional features along with multiple languages support, secure payment gateway and much more.

Online ordering for restaurants is a very convenient way to get more customers in today's age. Various features of the online food ordering system developed by Arena Softwares are as follows-

  • Get A Perpetual Licence-  We Give All The Source Code To You.
  •  Highly Customisable
  •  24x7 Support
  •  Supports Multiple Languages
  •  Android And Ios App In Your Brand Name
  •  PCI-DSS Certified Payment Gateway
  •  A Location-based Serviceable Restaurant Display System
  • Each Restaurant Can Have Its Own Website, Point Of Sale And Act As A Supplier In The Marketplace
  • Point Of Sale System For Dine-In And Walk-In Customers Can Be Accessed From A Single Dashboard
  • Integration Of Existing Or Third-party PoS System Is Possible
  • Order Receiving App For Vendors 
  • Android And iOS Mobile Apps For Customers
  • Android And iOS Mobile App For Delivery Staff
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • The Online Food Ordering System Has A Graphical User Interface That Is System And User Friendly.
  • Powerful, User-friendly Content Management System
  • Food Selection By Filters
  • Delivery Location
  • Order History
  • Gps Tracking
  • Estimated Delivery Time
  • Order Status Notifications
  • Feedback And Reviews For Vendors And Food

Contact Arena Softwares today for a live demo of the online food ordering system.

If you run a food business, it is of paramount importance that you have an ordering app for your restaurant. In today's day context, the online ordering of food is the future, and those who embrace this new trend will survive longer in the market.

Payment Gateways- Everything You Need To Know About

Published by Renuka Gadge
Payment Gateways- Everything You Need To Know About

Online transaction is the fastest and convenient way to send or receive money. Because of the Internet, everyone can easily sell or buy around the world.

But sometimes Online transactions become difficult to verify. 

In order to avoid problems, such as frauds, payment security is important. 

One of the best ways to reduce frauds in the online store and prevent security breach is to use Payment Gateway.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is the easiest way for a business to receive digital or online payments from their website or app

In words, the Payment Gateways are a means to receive or make the payments. The payment gateway facilitates the transfer of money between buyers and sellers. It allows the e-commerce site to request money from a customer’s bank for products that they have bought.

A payment gateway is a mediator between merchants and customers. It securely takes money from customers and sends it to the merchant’s bank account.

How does it work?

Payment Gateway plays an important role in processing and approving the payment transactions between merchant and customers.

It encrypts sensitive information like credit card details etc. It is a guarantee that information passed securely between merchant and consumer.

The payment gateway performs various functions to complete the transaction.

Here are some basics steps:-

Step 1: Customer places an order

A Customer will place an order on the website that they visit either by clicking “BUY NOW” or any equivalent option.

Step 2:  Encryption of Information

If the order is via a website, the customer’s web browser encrypts the data to be sent to the merchant’s web server. 

Step 3: Merchant securely transfers the order information to the payment gateway. Customers will pay with their preferred method of payment. Then the transaction is passed to the issuing bank.

Step 4: After the authentication process is completed, the transaction is then approved or declined by the bank, depending on the situation. 

Step 5: Payment Gateway sends the message to the merchant accordingly.

Step 6:- The bank settles the money to Payment Gateway and the payment gateway settles the money to the merchant.

Why is a Payment Gateway important??

Payment gateway services are necessary for all online credit card processing. 

The Payment gateways work with your purchase items from the retailer. So, the main role of a payment gateway is to approve transactions between you and your customers.

Without authentication, the transaction process cannot go forward and you won’t receive your money.

To lessen technical errors, it is necessary to have a gateway that brings together in a single platform the different channels through which the user could reach.

A payment gateway is a tool that enables your customers to purchase goods or services from your website without having you manually key-in any payment information.

The Payment Gateways maintain security by following an obligation for the same and thus, the data of the customer is encrypted in a safe manner.

Payment Gateways lessen fraud and ensure customer data encryption, by using advanced tools that detect fraudulent characteristics in transactions, whilst ensuring a logical shopping experience, which positively impacts customers’ trust, and if incorporated correctly, minimizes shopping cart abandonment. 

The main role of the payment gateway is to support the transaction between you and your clients. 

A payment processor dissects and moves transaction data. It confirms the transaction of funds among purchasers and merchants.

It helps merchants make informed decisions, by creating auto-generated performance reports, which help businesses improve their operational level of efficiency, and make prompt decisions. 

Following are main Advantages of Payment Gateway:-

  1. Various Payment Methods:-

For merchants, a payment Gateway facilitates them to accept process payments done using credit cards and debit cards. 

  1. Lessen credit card fraud

Payment gateways are used mainly to decrease the instance and possibility of online payment fraud. Payment fraud is often detected by online businesses and retailers during transactions that involve the use of credit cards to receive payment from customers. 

  1. Ordered Site Navigation

Some Payment Gateway comes up with a feature that allows the merchant to design their payment page.

  1. Easy to install and maintain

A Payment Gateway does not need regular maintenance and a high installation fee because it can be fully automated.

  1. Secured Data 

Payment gateways strengthen the security and encryption of customer information. The expansion in customer security makes it a highly recommended layer of protection against online fraud to online businesses.

A payment gateway offers an experience that allows your customers to make purchases via multiple channels and with any multiple forms of payment

Online Food Ordering System-Everything You Need To Know

Published by Renuka Gadge
Online Food Ordering System-Everything You Need To Know

Due to covid-19, many business owners decided to take their business online.  Among all the businesses, Food businesses are always going to have a lot of business no matter what time we are living in. Food is the basic necessity of life. No matter what’s going on in the world, there’s one thing that remains constant – people need to eat. These days online food ordering is a lifeline for restaurants. According to survey results from the National Restaurant Association NRA, 60% of all restaurant and foodservice sales were takeout, drive-through, and delivery.

What is the Online Food Ordering System??

The Online food ordering system can be defined as a Convenient way of ordering food without visiting the restaurant.

Online Food Ordering System is operated via the internet. The internet connects the restaurant on one hand and customers on other hand. 

In this system, customers visit the restaurant’s app or websites and go through the menu and select and order their favourite food. 

After that these items will be delivered to the customer at their doorstep. Payments for such Online items can be done through Debit card, Credit Card, Wallets or Cash on delivery.

How Does Online Food Ordering System Work?

The Online Food  Ordering System works in a simple manner.  Here is a step by step process for you to understand it in detail. Let’s get started.

  • Using the mobile app or website, customers can view the menu of your restaurant.
  • Customers will select the food they want to order.
  • Customers will confirm the order and will make the payment online or Cash On Delivery (COD).
  • These orders will be received by the restaurant’s admin panel.
  • The restaurant processes preparation of meals and packaging of the orders.
  • The restaurant contacts the delivery service or their staff delivery staff and informs them about the orders via the driver’s app.
  • The delivery staff delivers the orders to the respective customers.

Benefits of Online Food Ordering System

  • Convenience for Customers

In today’s lifestyle, we always look for ease. In Today’s world convenience is king.  

Customers can order the food online from their favourite restaurant faster, easier and cheaper and can come back again and again. We could guess that, if this is their preference, they will tend to choose restaurants that offer this option. 

  • More Orders 

As an owner of the restaurant, you need to do whatever you can to increase sales.  An online ordering system gives you a platform from which helps you to boost sales. A higher volume of orders means you are earning more money.

Having an Online food ordering system may lead to an increase in revenue.

  • Automation 

Deploying Online Food Ordering System automates your usual ordering processes. This means that without any of the distraction of having to take orders and payment info, your staff can spend more time with customers. You will not only be making your takeout and pickup customers happy, but your Customers in the restaurant will have the benefit of your whole attention. Online food ordering system 

  • No Fees to Pay

Most of the restaurant gets tied up with food delivery services like DoorDash, UberEats etc. These Companies charge commissions on every sale. 70% of diners who order online would prefer to place their order with the restaurant directly, as opposed to through a third-party menu service.

  • Reduce Costly Errors

Ordering errors may affect your business.  It is the biggest cause of loss for restaurants. An online Food ordering system ensures accuracy – or at least, if the orders are incorrect, they are certainly not your fault. 

  • High Conversion Rate

If you have an online Food ordering system, you are reaching a group that is ready to buy and highly suggestible to your offers.

  • Promoting your brand

The online Food ordering system develops a marketing platform and allows you to create some customer loyalty programs like sending marketing/promotional emails or SMS that helps to keep your customers with you.

Arena Softwares provide an online platform to single restaurants, multiple restaurants, as well as a food marketplace for Online Food Ordering System. 

Our Major Highlights are:-

  • Get permanent License- We give all the source code to you, 
  • Customizable- We develop Online Food Ordering Systems that are highly customizable
  • Complete support- Our technical team will provide you with 24*7 technical support.
  • Multiple Languages- Our developers can create the App in the language you want as per your customers’ preferred language.
  • Security- The payment gateway we use is highly flexible and strictly adheres to the PCI-DSS standards.

Contact us for more information

Visit our Website:- https://bit.ly/2LxadFW

How to improve SEO of Website

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How to improve SEO of Website

Importance of SEO

Modern consumers view the internet as an essential part of their shopping experience. Regardless of whether people buy online or in person, they use the internet to learn more about the products and businesses available. The digital marketplace cannot be ignored by any business.  If you are relying on people to find you through a Google search, search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be at the top of your priority list.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy that includes nearly every aspect of site-building and content development. When it is done effectively, it creates an excellent user experience for the consumer, further building their trust in the company. 

Best Ways to Increase SEO Efficiency

  • Define your Keywords

You need to define your keywords list. Write down keywords or phrases you can think of that’s relevant to your business and products.

If you target the right keywords for each page of your website based on what you're trying to sell,  you'll notice a huge improvement in your organic search rankings. To define the most strong list possible, you should use a targeted mix of both broad, exact and long-tail keywords that are particular to what you're selling and how your users search.

  • Publish Relevant Content and Format content to ease readability. 

Quality Content is the best parameter for Search Engine Ranking.    

Prepare content which is easy to read so your target audience can use it on the go via any device. This means using bullet points and boldening the text to help the reader. Also, keep your content left-aligned. Another factor that crashes your SEO ranking is the dwell time. This relates to how much time people give on your website per visit.

  • Use Proper Link

Linking is another great way to increase SEO results. Backlinking strategies can get a bit complicated. The more relevant content you create and share with others, the more likely other sites will link back to your content. Any time you have the chance to link to a relevant site page or blog post within your own content, go for it. This will not only help you improve SEO results, but it enables you to guide readers to other content that they might find helpful. It is the best way to increase search engine ranking. 

  • Start SEO Audits

An audit will help you identify your site’s health and weaknesses. Website Audit is the best way to increase SEO  for your website.

  • Optimize your Website for Speed

Website speed is another factor of SEO. The longer it takes for the page to load, the more frustrated the user becomes. This may cause them to leave your website and move to a competitor’s one. 

To improve bounce rates and your SERP ranking, you’ll need to make some corrections to your site to improve site speed. Here are a few factors that affect load times:-

  1. Image File Size:- Larger image files take more time to load,             impacting your site speed. Compress your image files so that they don’t increase your load times.
  2.  Script Handling -JS and CSS files can slow down your site speed, so make sure that you actually need these extras to improve your site before using them     
  • Use ALT Tag Wisely

Many people inspect the ALT tag because it's not something you see when an image is displayed on a web page - but it plays an important role in improving page ranking. Alt tags on images play a vital role in your webpage's organic ranking.

  • URL Structure matters

The structure of your URL is important, keep it between 50-60 characters. Google and Bing can deal with longer URLs without any real issues. To perfectly render in all browsers, URLs must be shorter than 2,083 characters.

Generally, a URL consisting of less than 100 characters is good, and one consisting of 50 - 60 characters is even better.    

  • Improve Site Navigation

Google wants to give the best possible search engine experience for its users. For this reason, the search engine prefers sites that provide a positive user experience (UX). Part of offering a positive UX is making sure your site is easy to navigate.

If site visitors cannot discover what they are looking for, they will most likely leave your site. 

  •  Insert and Improve your metadata.

It is important for Google to decipher to know what your pages are about. Making sure you add metadata or improve the existing metadata on your pages is a surefire way to increase SEO  results for your site pages.

You need to focus on following Factors:

1.Title:-  This is the title that will be displayed at the top of the browser window as well as the headline on the SERP.

2 Description:- Create a clear description on-page that’s brief while still pointing out chosen keywords.

3.ALT Tag:- Alt tag is mainly used to describe the images, videos or any visual media present on your page. It helps the search engine to determine when to deliver this content in its image search results. 

 If you want to increase your search engine result and make it rank higher in SERP, then you need to work on all steps that impact SEO

If you don’t have the time to handle your own SEO improvement. Arena Softwares can help you with both on-page SEO as well as ongoing work to help your brand consistently rank on the first page of Google. We’ll initiate an SEO audit of your website to identify strengths and weaknesses in your website structure and then move on to other aspects of your SEO such as content.

Contact us for more information:- support@arenasoftwares.com

Why should you take your business online in 2021?

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Why should you take your business online in 2021?

In this Pandemic: Build up Your Business for Success in 2021

In this Pandemic, the whole world is suffering, social-distancing measures and business closures have significantly disrupted but its major impact is seen on small business. In the initial stage of the pandemic, many businesses obliged to limit the services. Due to this, it was a hard time for the business owner to keep up in 2020. Now having the right strategy in place will help you come out stronger on the other side in 2021.

In this pandemic, you need to take your business online to show your presence to your customers and prospects. 

Nowadays, E-commerce has an important role in the growth and development of business. E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the service of buying and selling goods and services, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. Transferring the business online has many advantages and in this pandemic, it can help you to stabilize your business.

E-commerce sales are at an all-time high after the pandemic increased years of growth in just weeks. Before the Pandemic, the consumers are buying the items rarely online, like groceries, hygiene and home essentials. During Pandemic and lockdown, E-commerce reached all-time high sales. The number of Online buyers will only continue to climb.

By the end of 2020, global retail of E-commerce has reached $27 Trillion.

Why E-commerce?

The E-Commerce industry has been started with a few small companies and has now escalated to MNCs. E-commerce integration has become a great trend among businesses. In an E-commerce Application, you can show all your services what you offer.

E-commerce provides a wide range of advertising and you can find the right targeted audiences for business. Also, in this pandemic, the use of online shopping has increased, hence, It is important for business owners to launch their business online using E-commerce in the year 2021.

Having an E-commerce application or website gives your business instant credibility. The E-commerce website has no time restriction. You can do shopping at any time. Also, you can target global customers. Along with this taking your business online doesn’t require high-cost optimization.

E-commerce can target a large number of people in various categories like interest, event etc. E-commerce is a key growing element of online business.

Interestingly, customers also prefer E-commerce for shopping just because of avoiding the long queue and Traffic.

The main benefits of online business include:

  1. Global access
  2. Enhanced client service through greater flexibility
  3. Cost savings
  4. Faster delivery of products
  5. Increased professionalism
  6. Less paper waste
  7. Opportunities to run your business from anywhere in the world.

Arena Softwares is an E-Commerce website and Application Development Agency serving in all categories like shopping, pharmacy, food delivery, business, travel Education etc. Our dedicated developers can create the whole online store using powerful frameworks such as Magento, CS-Cart, Laravel etc. A team of  experienced developers and designers creates E-commerce applications and websites with secure Payment Gateway and also focuses on Digital Marketing to drive traffic.

Arena Softwares provides various Electronic Commerce services like B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B. Our Cross border E-commerce service will help you to set up an easy purchasing option. We have industry experience in providing e-commerce solutions in Cs-Cart and Magento development services. We also have a B2B2C E-commerce solution.

Our main focus is on creating well-structured solutions with all advanced features.

We provide single and multivendor E-commerce services for Android as well as for iOS. All the E-commerce apps and websites are customized as per audience response. Our E-commerce application is a combination of exclusive designs with dynamic features. Arena Softwares has an omnichannel platform, using which you can create B2B eCommerce business which has all the features. We work out on practical marketing strategies and perform on-page and off-page SEO to boost your E-commerce business. Arena Softwares also provides E-commerce Accounting Solutions and sales tax management.

We provide SSL installation services to protect and secure your website. We Also provide services like Server Migration service, Cloud management service and Server Optimization services. Apart from this, Arena Softwares has Website and Mobile testing application services. We have experts in Quality Testing who have worked efficiently on multiple projects.

Arena Softwares has good experience of Catalog Management System. Using the Catalog Management System, you can reduce the time and improve the bottom line.  

We take care of every factor to ensure that your website or application works smoothly. We have a dedicated team to grow your business online to a different system, Custom Software Development, Digital Marketing and many more.

Apart from this, Arena Softwares has wide experience in designing and development of Flight Booking System, Hotel Booking System, Event Management System, Online Food Ordering System and Online Pharmacy System.

We develop mobile applications on technologies like  CS-Cart, Magento, OpenCart, Laravel and PrestaShop. We outsource the developers like iOS Developer, Android Developer, Laravel developer and CS-Cart Developer. We Also Outsource UI/UX designer, AWS expert and Linux Administrator.

If you want to take your business to the next level and make it global, contact us. You can visit our website: https://arenasoftwares.com/

10 steps to improve your UI /UX design

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10 steps to improve your UI /UX design

How to improve UI/UX?

What is User experience?

UX (User Experience) refers to the set of behaviours that a user performs when interacting with a website. When you update user experience, you diminish friction between your website and your target audience.

What is the User Interface?

User Interface Design is the process of designing what a user interacts with when with software.

These two terms have different meanings. UX design is deals with how the experience with a product or service feels, when UI design is about how the product’s interface looks and functions

The Impact of Good Design on businesses

Good Design increases your company’s value and puts your business in a better financial situation.

Through developing trust, making strong first impressions, building customer relationships, and even performing successful campaigns, good design helps make your business more profitable.

Good UX design means:-

Satisfied users

Every person that visits your website is a chance for your business but you’ve got little seconds to impress them. You’ve got about a few seconds to grab your users’ attention with a catchy headline and compelling landing page. 

Saving time and money

At the initial stage of the development, you need time to understand the exact needs of your customers and create a good UX design. You can save yourself some time and money during the whole project. 

Here are 10 steps to improve your UI /UX design:-

  •  Define how people use your interface 

Before you design your interface, you need to determine how people will use it. With the increasing trend of touch-based devices, it’s more focal concern than you might think. 

  •  Create UI Kits

UI kits can be a fabulous learning experience, especially if you’re first starting out in user interface design. Creating a UI kit from the beginning helps you to learn principles such as design consistency, management & organization of design files, and design structure. You’ll also develop some UX (UX Designs) skills throughout the process.

  • Learn to define hierarchy

While designing, it is necessary to define the hierarchy of interface whether you are making wireframes, High fidelity mockups etc. In UI/Ux it is important to define hierarchy.

  • Practice and share your work consistently

One of the best methods which will help you to improve your UI design is to do the practice. Share your designs on Dribble or Behance to receive feedback. Feedback will help you to improve your designs.

  • Utilize the right UX design tools

The online world is immersed with UX design tools which make it overwhelming when it comes to the selection of the right tools, especially for beginners. Here we advise a user to ensure they test the tools again. In any case, you are a user. If you are not convinced with a particular tool, then test several of them until you get the right one for the job.

  • Review user guidance

When it comes to creating a great first user-experience, user guidance is simply manuals and documentation can be beneficial.  A good way to evaluate user guidance is to read it to a user and see how they describe it. In this way, you will have found a way to improve your UX design.

  • Design a paper model

The Best way to improve the next UI/UX  design practice, walk-off from your laptop or PC. Instead, take a few sheets of paper and design a good paper model.

  • Refresh your Arsenal

In the Design field, every week new tools are introduced in the market. Most of the time UX designers depend on their favourite set of tools that they use and revise them occasionally, maybe only when one of the tools gets discontinued.

  • Study the Designer that inspire you

Some of the most renowned artists have stated that they found their inspiration in other artists. The same ideas can be used as a UI/UX designer. Use inspiration from your favourite sources all over the internet. Study the different elements they used and how they used them.

  • Accommodate yourself with good designs

You can brush up your designing skills by practicing designs posted in Pinterest, Dribble and Behance. See the designs of top professionals and how they are using the colours and spaces. 

  • Research and  Build storytelling skills

The more you research, the more ideas you will get. This is the best and most effective way of learning new techniques and offering exclusive UX to your customers. Storytelling is an important skill for designers. It is one of the best ways to express your thoughts to your expected audience, through your designs. Storytelling skills offer you the best ways to interact with your clients and customers.

How to attract the senses of the user/audience?

We experience life through our 5 senses. Life is full of sights, smells, touch, tastes and sounds connected with emotion. People will remember information and assemble it more accurately when more than one sense is stimulated. 

Here are a few presentation techniques to engage the five senses of your audience.

  • Use Photos and videos:- 

If you hear and see something together, there are more chances that you will remember the information.  Visuals and words are more dynamic than words alone. Using photos and videos in design will attract the attention of audiences.

  • Taste:- 

It’s hard to convey the flavour of a glass of wine or a perfectly-cooked dish when you’re connecting with your customers through a computer screen. This is one of the reasons why brands that deal in taste need to take a hybrid approach to the market.

  • Sight

Sight is easily the most excited of five senses sensory marketing experts use. Customers can identify well-designed logos and colour schemes within a matter of seconds. Because sight is such a full sense, businesses who want to stand out with it today must find a way to go beyond traditional tactics like displays, website design, and packaging.

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Best Ways to Increase the ROI

Published by Renuka Gadge
Best Ways to Increase the ROI

Best Ways to Increase the ROI

The world has been shaken by the covid-19. What changes has your business encountered throughout the pandemic?. Customer Acquisition and Retention thus are one of the reasonable ways to survive during the upcoming recession. Getting the best ROI and acquiring customers during the post-lockdown period is going to be a tough task with a recession around the corner. This blog will cover the importance of ROI and the best ways to increase the ROI.

Return on Investment (ROI) is an indicator which used to measure the investment. ROI is generally used to measure the gain and loss generated on investments.  ROI deals with the money you invest in the company and the return you receive on that money based on the net profit of the business.  ROI is used for comparing the profitability of the company with the resources available on the asset side. Typically, it is a way for investors to determine whether they are receiving adequate gain to remain to invest.

What is the ROI in marketing?

ROI in marketing is the results you get from investing in marketing. A pleasant cost-benefit is what every company seeks when investing in something. In simple words, investments need to be justified.

Benefits of ROI

Displays your success in investing

ROI shows the success you've had in investments in the stock market. You'll know the status of the investments based on your returns.

Gives an accurate financial picture of your company

In areas like marketing, ROI gives a path of where your company is headed. You should also review your financial statements to see your total assets from all business activities.

Describes where improvement needs to be made

Once you look at your investments and financial statements, you should know which departments can improve their performance and which may require an increase in staff or technology to update the completion of various tasks

How to calculate ROI?

Calculating marketing ROI has become easy – especially when you consider that today’s marketers have powerful reporting and tracking tools through web analytics, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and cross-channel marketing analysis.

In simple terms, the ROI formula is:

(Return – Investment) / Investment

Calculating the ROI in Digital Marketing can be complex. However, it’s important to understand how to measure marketing ROI.

Key Performance Indicators(KPI’s) of ROI

Here are some important Metrics to measure your digital marketing ROI:-

  • Unique Monthly Visitors

Unique Monthly Visitor tells how many people are visiting your site on a monthly basis. There is no need for any calculation. You can use tools to track the Traffic.

Tools To measure Unique Monthly Visitors:- Google Analytics

  • Cost Per Lead 

Cost Per Lead is generally associated with paid traffic. It is simply calculated as 

Total Spend = Cost Per Lead (CPL) For Marketing Spend.

  •  Cost Per Acquisition

Cost per Acquisition tells you how much you spend to generate new Lead.

Cost Per Acquisition is calculated as follows:-

CPA/CAC = Total spend / Number of acquired customers.

  • Return On Ads Spend

ROAS is an important metric in Marketing. It measures the effectiveness of Ads or Digital Campaigns. 

Return On Ads Spend is calculated as follows:-

ROAS = (Revenue/Total Ad Spend)*100.

Tools To measure Return On Ads Spend:- WebFx

  • Average Order Value

Average Order Value is very useful for B2B, E-commerce services. This metric helps to understand the purchase of each customer each time.

  • Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value states how valuable your customers are. 

  • Lead to Close Ratio

Lead to Close Ratio gives information regarding the leads. It tells if your leads are of high quality or not, whether your sales are efficient etc.

Lead to Close Ratio is calculated as follows:-

A total number of leads / total number of closed leads.

  • Branded Search Lift 

This metric gives information about Brand awareness. This metric will increase as your brand becomes more stable and recognizable.

  • Average Position- Average position tells you the ranking in a search engine ranking page.

Tools To measure Average position:- Google Analytics

  • Non-Branded CTR- This metric measures the CTR.

Non-brand CTR also refers to paid search ad campaigns, where Google and other advertisers reward high CTR ads with priority positioning.

Tools To measure Non-Branded CTR:- Google Search Console.

How to increase ROI

1.Tracking vanity metrics

Every business tracks significant metrics, in order to calculate their ROI and determine whether their marketing efforts are working or not.

For example, calculating customer acquisition costs (CAC) and the lifetime value of a customer (CLV) metrics can show you how much revenue you generate from a single customer you've obtained. It's a good way to describe the ROI gained from investing in customer acquisition.

2. Discover what your customer wants

Best ways to avoid any inconveniences, as well as making any poor decisions is to attempt towards learning what your customers actually want. Identifying their needs, demands and expectations can help you deliver better results in ROI and meet their most basic needs.

3.Focus on content marketing

Content is power, both for your marketing efforts and your ROI. Creating highly relevant and top-quality content will help you attract and engage customers.

Not only that, but it helps you improve your reliability and helps you position yourself as an industry leader. That way, your trustworthiness and authority will improve as well. It can also keep them engaged for continued time periods.

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10 Best Payment Gateways to Integrate in your Website for 2021

Published by Renuka Gadge
10 Best Payment Gateways to Integrate in your Website for 2021

Payment Gateway is the service that processes, accepts, verifies or declines the payments on the behalf of merchants. It plays an important role in the E-commerce transactions between the customer and Merchants.  If you’ve decided to set up an e-commerce store or app you need a payment gateway to accept payments from your customers. Use of the payment gateway is important as using this can help to lessen the number of credit card fraud and ensure security. A payment gateway solves this hassle and makes the entire process more streamlined and secure.

We looked for various payment gateways for this review, based on payment types, cost, ease of use, integrations, support, and more. Here are our top picks-

The list of top 10 Payment Gateways :

  • PayPal

PayPal is the most popular Payment Gateway used worldwide. Integrating PayPal to your site is going to help you to get more customers. PayPal Accept the credit card and debit cards.

Here are some important features of PayPal:-

  • Digital wallet with easy real-time payment accept and decline feature
  • Simple set up
  • The completely secure payment environment
  • View a large variety of payment options
  • Electronic Invoices
  • Card details can be saved
  • Payments using QR code

  • Google Pay

Google Pay is also a payment gateway which is running all over the world. The New Google Pay is easy to integrate and Adding Google Pay as your payment gateway can create a good impact on your customers.

Here are some important features of Google Pay:-

  • Fast and secure payment sending and receiving
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Full API access
  • No transaction fees
  • Traffic, brand affinity, and engagement

  • Kartpay

Kartpay Payment gateway is known over the industry for the best transaction processing rate. Kartpay is easy to integrate and has a Scan -Pay option. Kartpay satisfies all the standards laid down by the payment Industry. Kartpay has optimized the no of clicks. This step ensures that the payee holds patience until the checkout.

Here are some important features of Kartpay:-

  • User-Friendly and easy to use
  • 100% API Driven
  • In-Build Bin Master
  • Dedicated Merchant Management
  • Over 100+ payment methods
  • Dedicated Access and Error Logs
  • User-friendly UI
  • Dedicated Refunds Menu

  • ProMerchant

ProMerchant reaches to the industry with great merchant hosting along with the solution to make E-commerce simple and smooth. You can easily receive credit card payments requests using any email: text, phone, or the buy now button of your website. This allows the customer to make the payment at their ease.

Here are some important features of ProMerchant:-

  • Ease integration of the shopping carts
  • Monthly contracts
  • Easy online debit and credit card processing
  • Virtual terminal

  • Razorpay

Razorpay is also a very efficient Payment Gateway for businesses. Razorpay has facilities for collecting recurring payments, share invoices, and avail working capital loans. The main feature of Razorpay payment gateway is instant activation. In Razorpay You can manage your marketplace and automate bank transfers.

Here are some important features of Razorpay:-

  • Easy integration with less code.
  • Fast and secure payments.
  • Credit/debit card, UPI, net-banking, and 100+ payment methods.
  • Better conversion rate.
  • All major international cards are accepted 

  • Cashfree

Cashfree payment gateway is the cheapest payment gateway. Cashfree payment gateway offers fast payment service and fastest refund facility. This payment gateway has a solution called “Cashgram”. It generates a web link so that businesses can send it to users and collect payment.

Here are some important features of Cashfree:-

  •  No setup cost
  • Invoice generation
  • Fraud checking
  • Easy to configure
  • Low transaction fee
  • High security
  • Recurring billing facility

  • PayU

PayU is a fin-tech company that offers online payment technology to merchants. The company operates in 17 countries. PayU allows the customers for customization in the checkout page

The main advantage of PayU is that it allows customization at the checkout page.

Here are some important features of PayU:-

  • Tracking your earnings on dashboard
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Higher success rate and faster payment
  • Allows customization in checkout page
  • Zero cost for setup
  • 100+ foreign currency


  • Atom

Atom is also one of the fastest-growing payment gateways and more than 150,000 businesses leverage Atom payment gateway. The payment retry option is also available.  The merchants get the separate console to track the data.

Here are some important features of Atom:-

  • Merchant console
  • Website and Application integration
  • High security
  • Invoice generation is available
  • Supports the 256+ payment method


  • CCAvenue

 CCAvenue is one of the most famous payment gateways in South Asia. The payment gateway is simple to use. The CCAvenue payment gateway offers various payment options including 6 credit cards, 58+ net banking, 97+ debit cards, 14 Bank EMI. It allows Website Integration and Application Integration.

Here are some important features of CCAvenue:-

  • Fast account activation within one hour
  • Allows international transaction
  • Fraud detection system
  • Allows recurring payments

  • Stripe 

Stripe is popular and comes top payment gateway in the E-commerce platform. Stripe supports both online and in-person payments. If you want to drive sales mostly from mobile users, then Stripe is the best choice for you. Stripe can handle everything. They gather the payments from your customers and send them directly to the bank.

Here are some important features of Stripe:-

  • Developer friendly design
  • Comes with the API and UI toolkit
  • Supports the payments both online and in-person

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How To Voice Optimize Your Website for 2021

Published by Rutvik Hiwarkar
How To Voice Optimize Your Website for 2021

Voice search started as a small concept but now it is one of the most important topics in the search industry. Every month there are one billion searches made by voice search. Voice search feature aims to keep user comforts because the top priority of search engines is users’ convenience. The process of optimizing your website for voice-related queries is known as voice search optimization. We’ll now talk about the strategies of voice search optimization.

What is voice search optimization?

Voice search optimization is the method of optimizing your pages to arrive in voice searches. Voice search optimization is the same as Search Engine Optimization in that content is generated for users and the information they seek.  Searchers want fast and instant results, and Google understands this. The same applies to voice search as well, where direct answers are the preference.

Why is it important??

According to recent research, here are the reasons why the users are more interested in voice-activated feature  in your website:

  • It allows the user to do multitasking easily.
  • It makes users' daily routine easier.
  • It enables the user to do things faster than other devices.

Voice commands are a fabulous tool when you’re cooking and need to check a recipe but your hands are not clean. It’s also a modern hands-free method to get information while driving. Also, Everyone can ask the question without typing especially when they are using the mobile device. 

How voice search works

Voice search answers the query by finding the online content which matches the query.

Voice search is very simple to use when you ask a question to Google, it does the following step to show you relevant answers:-

  • Processing and reprinting human speech into text
  • Analyzing the text to detect questions and commands
  • Connecting to visible data sources such as search engines to find the relevant information
  • Translating that information into a digestible format to fulfil the user’s purpose

Whenever human beings speak, little sound packets are known as “Phones” are generated from our voice, and they resemble a group of letters in words.

Only a few people type the way they speak, For example When you type something you type only in shorthand like “Nagpur Temperature”.

When you speak, you’re more likely to ask the complete question, “What’s the Temperature in Nagpur?”.

This guide holds true with voice search queries as well.

Optimizing for Voice Search:-

To optimize the website for Voice search, you should implement the following methods in your website:-

  1. Include concise answers
  2. Create FAQ pages
  3. Use long-tail keywords
  4. Write content with natural language
  5. Rank in featured snippets with voice search optimization
  6. Optimizing for Specific Search Engines
  7. Ensure your website is fast, mobile-friendly, and secure
  8. Structured data

Include Concise Answers:-

Google works on the tendency of showing 29 words answers to the query of voice search. Google home gave the answer with 28 words. Hence, your content must answer these types of questions with 30 words or less to appear in the result of voice search.

Create FAQ pages:-

Using a Frequently Asked Question can help immensely in optimizing your website content and voice search optimization.

FAQ has many factors that can help in voice search optimization, the first one is that it provides concise answers to queries and next is that question keywords have increased due to voice search. 

Keywords are being more specific due to voice search. People use more keywords like “What”, “Why”, “Where”,” when”, “How ” and “which” while doing voice search to find the information they need.  FAQ pages have higher chances for ranking in thousands of voice search queries

Use Long-tail Keywords-

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that point the user question. These keywords provide more filtered results that can help to target the correct audiences in voice search.

Google picks up the concise answers to questions. It searches for keywords included in the user’s question search and looks for the best result it can find containing those keywords on your site’s content. It is the most important practice of voice search optimization.

Write content with natural language-

Today, semantic search outputs good old keyword-based search, you need to write content that voice assistants can understand.

Voice search has some set of rules which they follow while proceeding. 

Write natural, conversational content since users use words they usually use in conversations when they voice search.

Rank in featured snippets with voice search optimization

Your content should rank in recommended snippets so that voice assistants will pick them. Ranking on those will help your content be more noticeable to Google Home. This is a very good practice of SEO.

Ensure your website is fast, mobile-friendly, and secure

Page speed refers to the time needed for your page to load. This also checks whether or not your page will appear in voice search results. Imagine a person using voice search — they’re likely on the go and/or in a hurry. This goes for overall designs as well-Make sure that your website has proper Ux, user friendly and secure.

Structured data

Structured data is code added to HTML markup and used by search engines to better understand your site’s content. Structured data can help search engines crawl and read your content efficiently. With the schema, you can control the path to provide information about your brand. Structured data markup is an excellent possibility to help machines understand what your text or page is about. Thus it's easier for them to define the page's accordance to a given query.

Using the mentioned techniques you can optimize your website for voice search. Do let us know what you think about the blog!!


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