E-commerce Guide: Benefits of eCommerce Mobile App.

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E-commerce Guide: Benefits of eCommerce Mobile App.

While brick and mortar are still the bosses in some places, most of the businesses are shifting towards e-commerce for survival.

But if the facts are to be believed approximately 25 million e-commerce stores are selling its product and services on the internet, and from those only 600,000 are making $10,000 annually?

So, it is clear that it won't be easy to beat competitors who are aggressively spending their money on marketing their products and services. And more importantly, those competitors are as much dedication as you are in winning the race.

If you are looking for ways to outperform your competitors, so you should take advantage of an e-commerce mobile application that will help you grow your business in very little time.

Cs-cart Mobile Application not only saves your time it also uses the same data which is present on your website like categories, users, carts, wish lists, etc. which will help you to cut the cost of hefty maintenance and complicated integration process.

You may ask, why should I pay thousands of dollars for an app which will do the same thing that my website is doing at a decent pace, well what can I say is not taking this step now will result in a huge loss later on.

Because businesses are continuously investing in technology and customer engaging applications, it won't take much time before the web experience your customers rely on will become as dusty as those old cassettes that you don’t have the heart to throw out yet.

Increased Sales

With around billions of people now owning smartphones, and a growing number of mobile shoppers around the world. According to research, mobile users surpassed desktop users in 2015, and after that, we are living in the mobile world.

This implies that having an e-commerce app today will help you outperform the competitors who don’t opt for this in the future.

It will be very easy to send new offers and compelling the users to spend their money by presenting them great deals if people download your app. And besides that in future when your competitors will step in this format you will be many years ahead from them ruling the market.

It is predicted that e-commerce sales will go up to $20 trillion this fall, and there is a big chance that you will enjoy a big part of it if you had already invested in an eCommerce app.

Improved Customer Experience and Engagement

Today users usually try to find the fastest and most convenient way possible to get what they want. This is the biggest reason why online shopping has become such a big deal in the first place. Instead of driving to a shopping mall we are more than happy to pay shipping fees to get the things delivered at our doorstep.

Customer experience is the most important factor that will set you apart from competitors, no matter how big your competition is.

Some benefits of having an app for your store is that your customer can easily find the product, cart them, purchase it without having to put their information again and again and again. The app will also help customers to get refund or return products without any headaches.

And with the help of pop-ups, notifications, and incentivized surveys you can ask questions to your customers that will help you to improve your business in the long run.

E-commerce Guide: Benefits of SMS Marketing in eCommerce.

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E-commerce Guide: Benefits of SMS Marketing in eCommerce.

The e-commerce industry is growing at a very fast pace. And it is fascinating how each day dozens of new online stores are emerging throughout the world. There is absolutely no doubt that anyone can make good money with an online store.

But the problem is seeing the amount of potential it has, the competition is growing on a daily basis.

So, if you want to stand out from the competitors, you will have to be very creative with your marketing efforts. One of the ways which are becoming very popular is SMS marketing and believe me you have no idea how good it is.

Here are some of the benefits of SMS Marketing:

Open Rates:

If you know a tiny bit about SMS marketing, then you already know that the open rates are outstanding. This is around 99%, to make this fact more attractive and better, this magic happens in the first five minutes of the arrival of a message.

This is a better option than email marketing, though email marketing still works and is worth the consideration, SMS marketing is more effective.

Great Opportunity:

Businesses that have started using this marketing tool say that the best thing about it is that SMS marketing is not that much popular.

Many of the businesses have not even considered it. So without a doubt, this is a great opportunity for you to outrank your rivals, who either may not have time to use this tool or they simply don’t want to use it.

Click-through rates:

Click through rates of email marketing campaigns stand at 3% only whereas on the other hand average click-through rate of SMS marketing campaign hits around 36%.

Many e-commerce owners claim that they split large messaging lists into small segments. The reason behind this is large text messages attract too much traffic.


Remember that mobile is not just used for roaming around the internet many people use it also for shopping purposes, to visit social media platforms, and also to read the news.

Search engine like Google has also stated that they are now focusing more on the mobile experience, and since SMS is still the main form of communication, this is a proof that you can use this channel to engage with your audience.

Global reach:

The biggest benefit of SMS marketing is you can send text messages to people all around the world. With this ability, you can target people from all over the world and not just from your country. And you don’t have to worry if that person will receive your message or not as there is no spam folder in text messages.

E-commerce Guide: Importance of Language in eCommerce.

Published by Sachin A
E-commerce Guide: Importance of Language in eCommerce.

In the last few years, many businesses environment has moved to online, as that environment have the potential to provide more growth and opportunities. Connecting your business at a global level provides a gateway to new markets and cost-efficient production. But the important thing is when you are dealing with multinational companies, developing strong language skills and learning as many foreign languages as you can become very crucial. Mastering English communication skills should be your priority as this language is used worldwide.

Here are some points that prove how language skills help move business management smoothly.

Proper Communication:

Expressing yourself properly is the most important thing whenever you are negotiating a deal, your message should be loud and clear, or else your partners may get confused or even offended. This should be considered in both spoken and written communication.

Good language skills also help to prevent miscommunication while receiving or placing an order. Many companies hire other persons for this purpose which blocks their fund which could have been used in the development of your business. But on the other-hand hiring, an international staff also helps in prioritizing the language part.

Increases Productivity:

Knowing all the important languages is very important because it is not an easy task to translate every correspondence that you get just because you can't understand the language or further imagine sending all of your important emails to some writing services before sending them to your partners or client. This type of behavior can lead to an enormous loss of revenue, knowing all the important languages can help you to cut translation costs and significantly reduce the time needed to respond to any emails.

Helps to Attract Foreign Audience:

Using social media platforms to engage with potential customers is one of the best ways also because the social platform is used globally by every individual and if you can communicate with foreign audiences and engage with them properly this will help to increase your target market exponentially.

In recent years it has been observed that Spanish is being used extensively in the US, which means that in English speaking areas having multilingual support is a great option.

So according to this example if someone wants to enter a new country`s market may require the use of multiple language skills.


Running a successful business needs a lot of hard work and dedication. And for constant growth, one needs to work on languages as well as other important skills. There is no magical number of languages that you should learn, it is very simple the more you know the more you will earn.

Push Notifications: How to Use Them to Enhance the Performance.

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Push Notifications: How to Use Them to Enhance the Performance.

For doing an effective digital e-commerce marketing especially in today's world where competition is growing continuously and return on investments are diminishing almost in every kind of investment, you need a Brahmastra (major weapon) in your arsenal to win the odds.

Push notifications are one such weapon if deployed correctly can boost your sales in no time. So now I will provide you some tips that will help you to use push notifications for marketing in the best possible way.

Push Opt-In Strategy:

When a user subscribes to your push notifications the motive behind it is the expectation, and this expectation is called a value proposition. You have to give them an idea that why should they subscribe, and what will they miss by blocking you out. Take advantage of this value proposition and use it as a solution that your brand can provide, make the users interested in your brand, and in no time, you will have plenty of subscribers.

Important Notes:

In Android when customers download your app they automatically opt-in for your push alerts.

iOS users must be asked whether they want to opt-in your push alerts or not.

Announcement of Offers and deals:

Use your push alerts to keep subscribers posted about your latest offers and products, including the URL of the landing page, which will allow the interested users to jump on the offer page by clicking on the alert.

You can take it to the next level by adding elements like limited time, 10 minutes sale or just using a ticking clock and this all will make your notification more appealing and attractive.

Advertising the latest offerings:

No customer will visit your website voluntarily to check new products. They would never know that you already providing their favourite products at pleasing rates. Rather than waiting for them to visit your website, bring them back by sending alerts about your new products and new stocks regularly.

Make the announcement more attractive by adding graphics and discounts. This will also help in boosting your sales more easily. Take advantage of occasions and festivals like new year, Christmas this is the time when customers expect exciting offers from every brand.

Abandoned cart Follow up:

Push notifications not only allows to send cart abandoned follow-ups but also allows user to retrieve their cart more easily. You can also use push notifications to involve abandoned cart customers into more productive activity by activating real-time notifications when the user had just abandoned the cart on your website.

E-commerce Guide: How to Remain Competitive in this Industry

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E-commerce Guide: How to Remain Competitive in this Industry

In UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champion), there are various divisions according to weights to ensure that heavyweights don’t step in a ring with featherweights. This does not imply in the e-commerce industry, no matter what product or services you sell, which particular market you are in, how long you have been there, you are always forced to compete with them all.

It will never be an easy task to compete with giants like Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay, but that doesn’t mean that you can`t remain competitive in this industry.

To know what you can do to ensure that your website remains competitive read this full article.

Consider The 3 Ps

3 Ps (product, price, and placement) plays a very important role in the e-commerce industry which can never be overstated. If you want that your e-commerce store should remain competitive you must ensure that this technique is used properly. If you are not able to do so then you won`t be able to provide the level of service that your customers are expecting.

So, if you have made your mind to use this strategy in your operations to remain competitive, it is important that you:

· You should focus on branding your products so that they can appear unique and different from other products prevailing in the market.

· Your Pricing Policy should be accurate, which means that your product price should not be very high which will result in the loss of a portion of the customer base, it also should not be too low as it will exploit your market profit.

· When choosing a place for the placement of your product, the first thing that you should consider is its limitations.

Do Competitive Research:

Before starting your operations, the most important thing is to perform competitive research which will help you analyze the level of competition that you will be facing when your product will be launched in the market.

There are many competitive research tools available in the market Like Spyfu, Oberlo, etc.

You can use these tools to keep a check on your competitors website, their ranking keywords, by using a tool like Ubersuggest you can also see the technical errors that your competitors have on their website and you can make sure that you don’t repeat the same mistake.


Starting an e-commerce store is not an easy task and it never had been in the past also, but with full preparation and right decision-making skills, anyone can start a successful e-commerce industry. Just use these techniques which we have discussed in this article and see the results yourself.

E-commerce Startup Failure: The 3 Biggest Reasons.

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E-commerce Startup Failure: The 3 Biggest Reasons.

Starting an online store is very easy, all you have to do is get a domain name, select the appropriate web hosting service, look for an e-commerce platform that suits your needs, and that’s it. And you have your online store just like that.

But running your e-commerce store is the real challenge. Nowadays entrepreneurs are very passionate about owning an online shop, but the thing that they do not know is many factors should be kept into account while running an e-commerce store. Running an e-commerce store is no joke.

According to research, 12 out of 15 online stores shut down in the very first year of its starting.

Why eCommerce Startups Fail?

There are many factors because of which e-commerce stores fail. To avoid that everyone should be aware of the following:

Bad Website:

Your online store is the face of your business. Having a modern style website that is unique from the other competitors gives you a better push from the start. Another important aspect that you should be looking carefully at is the speed of your website. And we don’t need to emphasize how important it is to have a secure website because if your website is unsecured that will harm your business overall and it depends on what e-commerce platform you choose.

Many small businesses to cut costs opt for free e-commerce platforms without even considering how will this decision affect the future of their operations.

Businesses should opt for software that can handle everything related to your e-commerce website, Right from the design to payments, marketing performance, and most importantly security.

Poor Website Traffic:

Rather than blaming your product as the primary reason for less traffic and high bounce rates you should be looking at other problems like:

  • Unattractive design or content
  • Bad website performance due to slow speed
  • Wrong target market- question yourself are you selling to the right customer.

Don’t panic two ways can be used to increase the quality and quantity of traffic on your website, first is Google Adwords this is considered as the immediate solution for this type of problem but it is too costly, another way is using content to drive organic traffic to your website this solution is a bit slow but can deliver better results in the future.

So, what can you do? Start slowly with blogging and then go for paid advertisement if you want me to make another post for How to start blogging, let me know in the comment section down below.

No Patience:

Starting an e-commerce store does not give a guarantee of immediate revenue. It is not your ATM. Always remember with great efforts comes great returns, you need to be patient while handling an e-commerce business. Invest your time in checking the performance of your website, coming up with new marketing tactics, etc.

5 Important Storytelling Trends To Follow

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5 Important Storytelling Trends To Follow

Here I present to you a short guide on Storytelling. Do read it till the end.

In digital marketing the most important thing is storytelling and it is also the most effective way to improve user experience. In a world where everyone is fed up with salesy and pushy messages, coming up with a story that can create a bond with the users by evoking their emotions helps in creating a brand.

According to the latest report, more than 4 trillion ads are shown online every year. It is a very huge figure that clearly explains why everyone uses ad blockers. So, at this level of competition storytelling becomes the only tactic that can be used to reach the target audience.

Today we will be showing you 5 storytelling trends that every marketer should know about along with some easy to understand examples. Let`s get started!!!

5 Important Storytelling Trends are:

Video Content:

You will be knowing that humans process images and videos much faster than textual content. Motion picture content is a very popular type of content and according to a study it is estimated that more than 80% of traffic will come from video content by 2021. According to a famous content writer, Videos are something that can convey a message more powerfully and can create a better engagement with viewers.


Innovation is something that every customer likes and a brand that can offer something new and exciting will never be thrown out of the race. In this industry new gadgets and tools are constantly being used and you should be taking advantage of those and create something that the audience has never seen before. Just wrap it into a nice story and see the results.

Take Myntra as an example, Myntra started using augmented reality for their customers which help them to provide a whole new level of experience where customers can try out their clothes before actually buying them, this increased the value of conversion in less than a month

Social Proof:

It has come to light that more customers prefer peer recommendation over advertisement?

Though word of mouth marketing is no longer that effective but in the case of storytelling the scenario is opposite. If you want your story to be more authoritative and convincing add testimonials in them.

This is what Domino`s did in a video where they explained how they became the biggest competitors in the Food industry. In the video, some of the customers shared their personal stories about that experience with Domino`s speaking of their first dates, memories, etc. After hearing them no one can stop themselves to go to Domino`s Immediately.

Short Ads:

Today's customers see many videos and other content every day so you cannot bother them by showing long videos. A study reveals that videos off less than 90 seconds in length tend to create more engagement than compared to a video which is more than 2 minutes long.

Marketers are now focused on creating videos of lesser than 10 seconds because it is highlighted that 6 seconds of length is the best for ads.

Social Responsibility:

Social responsibility and storytelling make a wonderful combination. This a huge trend at present and there are no signs of it vanishing anytime soon.

Kesh King Tel used this in their marketing strategy where they explained how your buying of their product will help a little girl in education. They told a story about a girl who lives in a village where girls are not allowed to be educated because of financial conditions and how this brand will use a small amount of your money in providing them a good education.

Logistics Management System And its Benefits

Published by Sachin A
Logistics Management System And its Benefits

Logistics management is the most important factor in the success of any transport-related organization. And the biggest responsibility of logistic management is to provide services that meet customer demand.

What is Logistics Management?

The council of Supply Chain Management describes Logistic Management as a part of supply chain management to meet the requirements of customers. Plans, initiates and controls the flow and storage of goods services, and important information.

In simple language logistic management is controlling and supervising the movement of goods.

Benefits of logistics management

Customer Satisfaction:

For every transport service provider, it is mandatory to provide fast and quality service because customers demand good services. A management strategy should be aimed to constantly improve transportation processes and eliminate any casualties, this is also important because it has a direct connection with customer satisfaction. Providing better customer services can build a good reputation for your company and increase business opportunities. Having a smooth freight moving process in and out of the company will help you provide more value to the customers.

Cost Saving and Visibility:

For a company`s supply chain to work properly, it is of utmost importance to have a visible operation. An efficient TMS system analyses historical data and provides real-time freight movements in and out of a business. All this information is very important for the logistics manager as it helps in avoiding disruptions and increasing the efficiency of the process. TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM helps in keeping the supply chain effective and efficient.

Efficient Cost Cutting:

Logistics management can help a company control over inbound freight, properly organize the flow of goods, keep optimum inventory level, etc. which will help in cost-cutting.

Logistics Management Goals

Before making any investment in management technology, you should be damn sure that it will provide better results. That`s why it is important to know how to measure its effectiveness.

It should do the following things:

  1. Increase in Profit
  2. Improve the structure of operating costs
  3. Reduction in transportation costs
  4. Better Customer Service.

Most of the companies turn to third party providers for this system because this concept can become very complex. Arenasoftwares have all the expertise required to build a logistics system which will help in cost-cutting and improve transportation processes.

Importance of Negative Reviews in E-commerce.

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Importance of Negative Reviews in E-commerce.

A positive review on your e-commerce website helps you in SEO as well as in creating a brand. But sometimes you also get negative reviews, which may cause a bit of panic, regardless of whether negative reviews have any impact or not, no one wants to see their products signaled out like that.

It may sound odd, but not all negative reviews are harmful to your e-commerce website. Some of them may help your e-commerce website in numerous ways. It can also be said that bad reviews are as important as customer support for your e-commerce store.

See Negative Reviews as Opportunity:

Negative reviews are opportunities. Most people don’t feel that way because negative reviews intimate them. This is because negative reviews contain two elements:

  • Vanishes the reputation of a brand
  • It hurts the decision to purchase

Well, no one can argue about these reasons, but there are more chances of things going in your favor that you might not realize. So wait, don’t filter your comments yet. Try and understand how negative reviews can be used as an opportunity.

Below are the points that will help you understand this better:

Increases Traffic:

Before making a purchase interested person tries to gather maximum information about the product. This means they will visit your website, surf many pages, check the quality of your product or service. More than you will get the bouncing rate of the audience. This helps to verify whether the reviews posted on your website are fake or real.

But how does It help? It provides good traffic and precious visitors who might not purchase from your website but helps to show the value of your e-commerce website to search engines.

Customer Interaction:

Use this opportunity to interact with customers, it shows that you care about your customers and give customer service the top priority. There may be many problems that the customer faces on your e-commerce website. Try to understand their problems and fix them if it is a bothering one. It is very simple the more you interact with your customer the higher the chances of finding genuine errors on your website. Just fix those errors to avoid further problems.

High Conversion Rate:

Just see it this way, whenever a customer sees a negative review on your website they tend to spend more time on it. Later, when they check out the product page, they might forget about the review and get attached to the page and start checking the product details. This situation will increase the chances of sales conversion. The longer they stay on the website the chances of conversion increase.

Happy Customers:

Customers who buy products even after reading the bad reviews are the ones prepared for the bad eventualities. Which increases the chances of getting disappointed. But it can also help in one scene which is when the customer gets the product and after some days of use, they will go on the website disapprove of the negative reviews. If according to them the reviews are too harsh.

So in short, negative reviews are opportunities, they are a path through which you can interact with customers and fix or enhance the experience and it also helps to form customer loyalty.

Omnichannel : The Future Of E-commerce.

Published by Sachin A
Omnichannel : The Future Of E-commerce.

Omnichannel Definition:

Omnichannel which can also be pronounced as omni-channel is in simple words a multichannel approach that is used to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, whether they are shopping form a physical store, by telephone, form a mobile device or by a desktop.

It means that there is a combination of promotion, communication, and distribution of channels on the back end.

Difference Between Omnichannel and Multichannel

Omni in omnichannel means all or every. Multi-in multichannel means more than one or many.

Omnichannel also suggests using more channels, but the difference between multi-channel and omni-channel goes beyond numbers.

Omnichannel which is a category of multichannel is built on multiple methods of promoting and distributing products, such as websites, mobile apps, physical stores, and customers can reach out with their problems or concerns through email, social media or by phone.

Omnichannel bypasses the operational tactics of multichannel into a business model that combines those channels and shares all the data between them, which then allows companies to do business the way they want without any complexions.

For example, if a customer starts to enquire about a product or service with the company through webchat and end the conversation and calls customer service instead, that information can be transferred to an agent. A company that has multichannel can entertain the customer on both channels but as they lack a back end system, the customer will have to enter all the information again using an automated system.

The trend in Omnichannel:

Customers are continuously switching between offline and online to find out and buy products or services. According to a study it has been found that digital experience has influenced every 50 cents of a dollar spent in a brick or mortar store.

The most important thing for having a seamless omnichannel experience is a modern supply chain or logistics system that can easily improve deliveries through websites, mobile apps, social media, and stores.

To get their companies will have to fill in the gaps between online and physical and manage products as one collective marketplace. They also require new technologies and new and fast delivery methods.

Chatbots is one of the best omnichannel practices which any company can start. These AI-based computer programs simulate human speech, can ask questions to the customers and can also respond to them in real-time. Chatbots are widely used to do tasks such as determining the mood of customer who is calling customer service and also for changing passwords.


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