E-commerce Guide: Benefits of SMS Marketing in eCommerce.

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E-commerce Guide: Benefits of SMS Marketing in eCommerce.

The e-commerce industry is growing at a very fast pace. And it is fascinating how each day dozens of new online stores are emerging throughout the world. There is absolutely no doubt that anyone can make good money with an online store.

But the problem is seeing the amount of potential it has, the competition is growing on a daily basis.

So, if you want to stand out from the competitors, you will have to be very creative with your marketing efforts. One of the ways which are becoming very popular is SMS marketing and believe me you have no idea how good it is.

Here are some of the benefits of SMS Marketing:

Open Rates:

If you know a tiny bit about SMS marketing, then you already know that the open rates are outstanding. This is around 99%, to make this fact more attractive and better, this magic happens in the first five minutes of the arrival of a message.

This is a better option than email marketing, though email marketing still works and is worth the consideration, SMS marketing is more effective.

Great Opportunity:

Businesses that have started using this marketing tool say that the best thing about it is that SMS marketing is not that much popular.

Many of the businesses have not even considered it. So without a doubt, this is a great opportunity for you to outrank your rivals, who either may not have time to use this tool or they simply don’t want to use it.

Click-through rates:

Click through rates of email marketing campaigns stand at 3% only whereas on the other hand average click-through rate of SMS marketing campaign hits around 36%.

Many e-commerce owners claim that they split large messaging lists into small segments. The reason behind this is large text messages attract too much traffic.


Remember that mobile is not just used for roaming around the internet many people use it also for shopping purposes, to visit social media platforms, and also to read the news.

Search engine like Google has also stated that they are now focusing more on the mobile experience, and since SMS is still the main form of communication, this is a proof that you can use this channel to engage with your audience.

Global reach:

The biggest benefit of SMS marketing is you can send text messages to people all around the world. With this ability, you can target people from all over the world and not just from your country. And you don’t have to worry if that person will receive your message or not as there is no spam folder in text messages.


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