Custom Magento Mobile Application

Custom Magento mobile application will allow iPhone and Android users to view the product, do transactions and use shopping carts.

You will only have to pay one time for the application which means there will be no recurring or additional fees. More benefit will be added to your business, as the custom Magento mobile application will provide users great functionality and control over the mobile application.


      • Fully Customizable: The application will be fully customizable which means it can easily adapt any functionality, integrations, and changes. When structuring the app you can choose any third-party technology, tweaks and payment gateway you want in your application.
      • Synchronization: Your website and a mobile application synced together helps in tracking order inventory and other product-related information at a single interface(e-commerce backend) which reduces a lot of efforts.
      • Ecommerce Friendly: This application will please any business owner right from the start as it is preloaded with rich e-commerce features, multiple payment gateways, smooth processing, easy checkout process and many more features which an online buyer will love are present in the app

Other features

      • Customize App Design
      • Homepage Promotional Banner
      • Promotional Deals
      • Push Notifications
      • Simple Navigation
      • Multi-language and Currency Support
      • Product Social Sharing