Customer iOS Application

After building an e-commerce store using Prestashop, then the next most important step is to move forward with a Prestashop mobile application.

For seamless integration, your website will be synced with the mobile application which means whenever you add a product to your website it will be added to the IOS app in real-time


  1. Unlimited Push Notification: With this feature app owner can send notification regarding new offers and product-related news to the app user even when the app is not in use.
  2. Offline Mode: With this feature, the app user can scroll down pre-loaded pages in remote locations where there is no internet service available.
  3. Various Shipping Support: In order to increase sales, the application will provide multiple shipping options at the time of the checkout process.
  4. Multi-lingual Support: Under this feature app user can choose any language which is easily understandable by him\her.
  5. Social Media Sign-In: With this feature, your customer will not have to fill sign up form he\she can use their social media account to get access to the application.
  6. Customer Admin Connection: With this feature, customers can ask any type of questions and queries to the admin directly, which will help the user to have a doubt free experience.
  7. Multiple Payment Options: the customer will have many payment options while checking out it will increase the conversion rate of your product.


      • Voice Search
      • Real-Time Synchronization
      • Order Tracking
      • Interactive Themes
      • OTP (One Time Password)
      • One Page Checkout
      • Tablet & Mobile Support