Omnichannel eCommerce

What is Omnichannel?

Omnichannel strategy focuses on providing customers with a seamless and integrated shopping experience across all channels and devices. All omnichannel platform will use multi-channel, but not all multi-channel experience are omni-channel

Retail omni-channel takes into account a customer’s ability to not only flick between sales channels simultaneously but also use online and offline channels that are intended for different purposes. For example, a customer using their mobile to check out a review on social media or a forum for a product they are considering purchasing either online or in a physical store.

Companies that adopt omnichannel experience are ones that have decided to put the customer at the center of their strategy. With omni-channel, you are looking through the eyes of the customer to ensure that the channels work together and thereby setting out your objectives through understanding the customer's expectations.

Unlike a multi-channel strategy which stops-starts the customer’s journey, an omni-channel strategy allows the customer journey to flow between multiple channels, thereby ensuring the customer receives a more personalized experience.

Benefits of Omnichannel Platform:

  1. Improved efficiency
  2. Enhanced data collection
  3. Higher margin
  4. Integrated data analysis and communication
  5. Few Considerations You Should Take for Omni-Channel eCommerce:
  6. Future proof your online infrastructure for omni-channel
  7. Consider what features can you use already with your platform
  8. Ensure you have the ability to target your segmented customer data
  9. Don’t just push promotions towards a general audience
  10. Find ways you can combine the online experience with in-store and vice versa
  11. Look at ways you can personalise your channels for a singular experience
  12. Place emphasis on your brand and customer experience over the bottom line
  13. Targeted offers, contextual segment and content

Mobile Customization:

With Arena Softwares omnichannel platform, you can now build a B2C eCommerce business with integrated inventory, product, order, and logistics management features that enable you to offer a rich omnichannel experience for your customers.

The platform can fulfill any online order either from your brand’s eCommerce store or marketplaces by allocating it to the nearest retail store to seamlessly fulfill eCommerce orders.

Our platform helps omnichannel retailers in optimizing sales across marketplaces by managing their product information, inventory, orders, and logistics.

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