Large Enterprise SCM

You should consider your business requirements to see whether the investment would be worth your while.

How to decide if you need supply chain software?

To decide if you need software to help you manage your supply chain:

    1. Plan your supply chain
    2. Evaluate how well they perform
    3. Differentiate this performance with best practice & market

Differentiating between the different process types will help you understand your business priorities. This will help you measure the benefits to your business from the use of supply chain software.

Importance of supply chain management:

    1. Boost Customer Service
    2. Reduce Operating Costs
    3. Improve the financial position

Key features:

    1. Supply Chain Monitoring and Planning
    2. Routing, mobile, and telematics
    3. Order Processing and Inventory Management
    4. Transportation Management
    5. Multi-client operations
    6. Sourcing and Supply Management
    7. Supply Chain Analytics
    8. Collaboration Features
    9. Procurement
    10. Warehouse management
    11. Technical Supply Chain Management Software Features
    12. Vendor Support and History
    13. Supplier management
    14. Transportation management
    15. Shipping and receiving
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