Small Enterprise SCM

As there is no standard way of defining an SME, It can be defined on the basis of geographical location, size of the enterprise in terms of no. of employees, no. of products manufactured, supplier or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), structure, volume of sales, worth of assets, type of ownership, adoption of technology etc.

To remain competitive, small enterprises have to offer superior quality goods at the lowest prices possible. The need to minimize product costs makes effective supply chain management essential.

Key Advantage:

    1. Reduced Costs
    2. Increased Efficiency
    3. Increased Output
    4. Increased Profits

Key features:

  1. Routing, mobile, and telematics
  2. Order Processing and Inventory Management
  3. Transportation Management
  4. Multi-client operations
  5. Sourcing and Supply Management
  6. Supply Chain Analytics
  7. Collaboration Features
  8. Technical Supply Chain Management Software Features
  9. Vendor Support and History
  10. Supplier management
  11. Shipping and receiving
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