Collection Management System

We have developed a Cash Collection Management System, that is available in Web and Mobile applications. This Collection Management System can be used by Banks, Life Insurance, Vehicle Insurance Companies as well as other companies who need to collect cash or documents on a regular basis.  The Collection Management Software is easy to use and extremely customizable as per requirements. Features of this software are as follows-

  • This Collection Management System enables banks and other companies to collect cash from their customers without them physically coming to banks.
  • Using our software, you can appoint multiple collection agents and organise them under the Bank branch.
  • The collection agents can be managed by a collection admin.
  • All these admins and agents can be managed and organised under a collection hub.
  • There is a client app for customers (end users), which will record all the transactions and provide OTP for cash transactions.
  • With the Collection Management System, you can create multiple numbers of collection hubs with multiple collection admins.
  • In the Collection Management System pick up can be made dependent on either by zip code, region or location as per requirement.
  • Request for Collection can be initiated by the customer anytime, while the agents can come to collect during the working hours.
  • The Collection Management System can initiate system based pickup of cash or documents with a tracking facility.
  • Branch-based payment for services facility with dynamic pricing for various customers.
  • Using Maps API, routes can be planned in the Collection Management System, for secure collection of cash.
  • The application is secure and encrypted as well as the data is stored in an encrypted format.
  • The Collection Management System creates and maintains an efficient MIS (Management Information System) and reports, which can be customized as per the business requirements.
  • The Collection Management System provides to take OTP confirmation, geolocation, attachments, photos during collection or delivery.
  • The system comes with SMS/email/push notifications on all transaction updates.

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