Collection Management System

Here are the functionalities our collection management software provides -

    • The system is available in web and mobile applications.
    • Access panels for multiple customers/end users, multiple admins and sub-admins, multiple merchants/suppliers/vendors.
    • Delivery hub (delivery boys, delivery hub managers).
    • Collection hub (collection boys, collection hub managers).
    • The system allows creating multiple numbers of collection and delivery hubs (in our case multiple branches).
    • The system allows local pickup and delivery at the local, national and international level.
    • Pick-up and delivery can be made dependent on either By zip code, region or location as per requirement.
    • Request for pick-up and delivery can be initiated from the system.
    • System based order generation for pick-up and delivery of cash, documents, etc. with tracking facility at each level of order flow.
    • Branch-based payment for services facility (dynamic pricing for various customers).
    • The system manages route optimization using google maps API.
    • Application side and server-side security testing and implementation.
    • The system creates a proper MIS (Management Information system dashboard) and reports. Reports can also be created as per user type and it will be discussed in a further stage.
    • The system provides a facility to take OTP confirmation, geolocation, attachments, photos during collection, or delivery. It can be made as per banks workflow in later stages.
    • SMS/e-mail / push notifications on order updates.
    • API facility for e-commerce or business owners to generate pick-up, delivery of cash, documents, etc.