Local Delivery Network system

Powerful and easy to use delivery management system for your local delivery business. Organize your complete delivery operation with our powerful delivery software that offers your customers an "Uber-like" experience and back-office powerful features you would expect to see from a large courier company.

Delivery software has automated many of the processes and logistics you would normally have to do manually. Your online orders can be automatically notified to your delivery drivers by using our easy to integrate API.


  1. Optimised route
  2. Real time tracking and alert
  3. Digital proof of delivery
  4. Uber like customer to driver tracking
  5. Autonomous driver assignment
  6. Recurring subscriptions
  7. Analytics & reports
  8. Separate customer and delivery mobile app

Can be integrated with all kinds of delivery business!

  1. flowers
  2. medical supplies
  3. beverages
  4. retail
  5. dry cleaning
  6. home care
  7. restaurants
  8. ready made meals
  9. documents
  10. food delivery