National Delivery Network system

Do you deliver your products Nationwide? 

Do you want efficiency in your existing logistics chain?

If your answer is yes, then we provide total national delivery solutions with our Logistics Management Software for your company. By using multiple channel partners, our software for logistics provides reliable and fast services. So that your clients can take benefit of express delivery and extensive coverage of your business faster. 

Our software for logistics comes with 24x7 reliable customer support over chat, email and call. With our Logistics Management Software, you can get a daily shipment report as well as an analytics report. You can also automatically manage your clients’ shipments. This software for logistics comes with Android and iOS mobile apps, which are extremely easy to use as well as user-friendly.

This Logistics Management Software was developed especially to automate deliveries in eCommerce business and improve supply chain management. It helps you to reduce human error, reduce loss and damage of shipments. The software for logistics is easy to use and flexible to changes. Offline work is prone to a lot of mistakes, while online operations are automated and tend to be errorless

Who will benefit from this software?

  • Freight Forwarding- The carry and forward chain will also benefit from our software.
  • Air Freight- Making upmost part of the national trade networks.
  • Courier- Get the first mile to the last mile Supply Chain Management with our software.
  • Postal Services- One of the most important parts of any normally functioning country. We have custom made solutions for postal services as well.
  • Storage and Warehousing- Our warehouse management software facilitates efficient solution for storage and warehousing, right from the order placing to the delivery part.

Our Software For Logistics comes with seamless API integration for a smooth operating experience.

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