Self Hosted Payment Gateway

We enable you to remit money and make payments without having to provide financial information.

Our platform lets you accept payments online, by the bank or in-store. It also enables you to mail your invoices to customers. We can simplify the checkout process by a one-touch operation to speed up the company's growth. By using all type of debit and credit card we support there is a secure transaction between vendors and customers.

Process :

For this type of payment gateway system, we need to ask the payment details from users, at our own website. After asking the details, we need to send the collected data to the Payment Gateway's URL. Some gateways need the data in a specific format while some need any hash key or specific security/secret key.

In case of recurring, the next payments are deducted by payment gateway itself and send a notification for the same. Refund and cancellation process needs to be initiated from the Payment Gateways website.

You need to mention your website’s URL at Payment Gateways website, where the notification should be sent. Each time when the payment gets deducted a notification will be sent and your script can work accordingly.


    • Easy to Customize
    • Customer Experience

Top features:

    • Mobile card reader
    • Barcode scanning
    • Shopping cart
    • Online invoice
    • Virtual terminal
    • Credit card reader
    • Accept online payment
    • Bill me later
    • Virtual terminal