Online Taxi Vehicle Booking System

Our Online Taxi Vehicle Booking System for passengers is very similar to a Car Reservation System like Uber, Ola, Grab, Lyft, etc. Our Online Taxi Vehicle Booking System lets you manage your vehicle booking business online, and lets your customers book your vehicles online

Using our Taxi Vehicle Booking System you can let your customers book your cabs online as well as let you track your customers’ trip online.

By using our Online Taxi Vehicle Booking Software, customers can view available cabs, fare, distance, waiting time and book as well as track a cab. The app is very easy to use and user friendly. Our Online Taxi Vehicle Booking System is the best in the industry and gives you complete freedom for customization and is flexible to changes.

At present most of the Online Taxi Vehicle Booking System are managed offline by Car Booking Agencies or travel agents. But when things are system-based, they become error-free and much easier to manage. Our software automates the process flow of all trips which gives added advantage to your ongoing offline fleet management.


  1. Clear Pricing Policy- There shall be no conflict about the pricing ever with our Vehicle Booking System. We have a dynamic rate calculation system which automatically calculates the optimum amount for every trip. This ensures that the rider pays the right fare every time.
  2. Multi-Language Support- Our software works in multiple languages. Even the end-user of your services will be able to use the software in their own language.
  3. Mobile-friendly Design- The app interface is easy to use as well as lightweight on the mobile system. It is packed with all the important features required by a Vehicle Booking System.
  4. Multiple Payment Methods- Upon completion of a ride, there will be no dispute over the payment method as we have got it all covered. Our software offers multiple payment options according to the user’s preferred mode of payment.
  5. Customize All Fees For Different Locations- Our Vehicle Booking System offers dynamic pricing policy through which you can customize all fees for different locations. Using this feature, a ride to home will be charged differently than a ride to the airport.
  6. Unlimited Pick-up and Drop-off locations- Our software provides the facility to give your customer multiple options for pick-up and drop-off.
  7. Customizable Auto Responders in Different Languages- Our software gives you the complete authority to customize auto responders in the language of your choice of your customer’s preferred language.
  8. Notifications- Our Vehicle Booking System provides different types of notifications like Push, SMS and Email. Never miss an important update with Arena Softwares' Passenger Vehicle Booking System.
  9. Integrate Multiple Modes of Travel- With our system, you can integrate cabs, motorbikes, auto-rickshaws, etc. into one integrated system.
  10. Multiple Modes of Payment Collection- You can collect payment from your end-user via multiple modes like-
  1. Self-collection- You can collect the payment yourself through the app and transfer it to the driver later.
  2. Driver Collection- Your driver collects the payment as per his payment method directly from the customer.
  1. Invoicing- Our Passenger Vehicle Management System gives instant invoice to the customer upon the completion of their ride.

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