LBC Philippines Shipping module for Cs-cart

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LBC Philippines Shipping module for Cs-cart

LBC Shipping is one of the best shipping services in the Philippines. 

Shipping cost solution

With the help of the LBC system for CS-Cart, you can calculate the shipping cost in real-time.

Integrates easily with CS-Cart

This add-on can be easily and seamlessly integrated with any version of CS-Cart.

Generate Real-time Pickup From Vendor

Using this add-on, various vendors from your store can generate real-time pick-ups for the courier company.

API based integration

This add-on comes with integration based on API. Online servers or other softwares can be communicated by the website in order to make information requests.

Real-time synchronisation of Shipment

With this add-on, you can track the shipment in real-time from source to destination.

Compatible with  -

Cs-cart Single Vendor Platform - All Versions

Cs-cart Multivendor Platform - All versions

Installation Service and Documentation will be provided.

Delivery Time - Within 24 Hrs of Addon Purchase