Magento License

What open source license do we use for Magento Open Source?

Magento Open Source is distributed under the Open Software License (OSL 3.0), and is thus open source software.

I'm a merchant. What does "open source" mean to me?
You may download, modify, use, and distribute the open source Software. You can be assured that Magento will continue to thrive because all contributions made to the software by you and others must be made available under the same OSL 3.0 license.

I'm a developer. What does the OSL 3.0 license mean to me?

OSL 3.0 allows developers access to the Magento Open Source source code. Developers can modify and customize the software and distribute their own derivative works under the OSL 3.0 license. This will lead to a larger community of developers enhancing Magento in ways that are available to all.